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 We have been open for over 18 years, celebrating our anniversary in September. The 4 Sisters Salon was opened as a collective family dream which for many years has been shared with all our clients as well. It has been a dream come true for our family. We were raised by two wonderful human beings, our mother Amelia and grandmother Ramona. They did the best they could raising four sassy,  girls Maria, Rosalba, Veronica and Alma. Our grandmother was the woman who inspired our passion for cosmetology and what led to the creation of our business. We know that she is looking down and is proud, not only of how far we have come in our careers, but also as human beings.  In 2003 was the grand opening of The 4 sisters Salon, grown to be one of the most prominent spots in the Santa Maria. We are family orientated salon. guaranteeing quality and professionalism to all of our customers.When coming in to our salon you will always find as Smiling because it is a joy to be able to attend to our guest. We have a passion for making our guest feel right at home and leaving the salon feeling uplifted.Since 2009 Rose and Alma moved and chose different career paths. Mariela Maria's Daughter has a passion for the industry, she joined our team in 2012. Our name continues as the 4 sisters Salon, for the meaning behind it. We continue to move forward, always looking for new ideas to grow and taking new courses. We've always been committed to making our devoted guest look stunning and feel their very best. It's always a great time to be pampered. Come on in, it would be our pleasure to meet you!

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