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HAVE YOU TRIED EXTENTIONS BEFORE? If your like me, I love changing my Hair. HALO EXTENTIONS makes that easier! Low maintenance extensions, No salon visits to add or remove the extensions (cost saver if you ask me). What about when you want a balayaged look with out processing your hair. Yes HALO is prefect for you, Whether you are looking for fullness or length or just a new color. Halo has over 20 colors to choose from: Solid colors , rooted and balayged as well as highlighted and lowlighted options. They are customized for every individual and may be ordered layered. This is more effective for fullness around the face. Many of us like myself tend to have thinner hair around our face this will have it blend perfectly.

My love for extensions started when I was in high school. I love to change my hair and wanted new looks and fullness. I tried the bead, the clip in's and the tape in's. I currently only offer the tape ins and Halo. Once you try the Halo you will not go back to any other extensions. There is not need to have a salon visit every two months to add or remove hair. No need to buy new hair so often. Better yet you will be saving money your going to want to add new styles of halos to your collection.

I would love to help you Personalize the perfect Halo for you. HaloCouture is My first option when it comes to an easy method that allows to keep your hair at your preferred  length, and looking full & healthy! Please fill out an inquiry form and I will contact you personally. We will go over options in color & length!

Interested in A Halo, but you are not local?

No worries Fill out an inquiry form and I will contact you for a virtual consultation via preferred method. Take pictures of your hair in outdoor lighting for the best color match. You will need to send it to me once I contact you. When we have decided the perfect halo for you then I can move on to customizing it and ship it to you for FREE!

Intrested in a ponytail?
More info about The fall?
Do you want it Balayaged?

Please allow 48-72 hours for a stylist to contact you.

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